Education, the foundation of society

Today, the world is connected with the internet; we can learn others’ cultures and know about their livings without much struggle. It means we can get an education, social education, easily. However, this is not the scenario everywhere. On the one hand, where people are educating themselves with tools like the internet, others are using the term education in different ways.

As per our title, education is the foundation of society but what if the foundation is weak or has been filled with the negative terms, i.e. discrimination, sense of superiority, caste and authorities, and many more. When I am discussing discrimination or sense of superiority; I am trying to point out the behavior towards people on the base of their position, their status, their social exposure, and also their gender.

Discussing this is pointless unless the listener wants to understand why not only education is important but also the right education is the one which is more important. But the question is how to acquire the right education, to work on it, we, a team of GORI, are trying to build an environment and raise awareness that we are one and everyone should be treated equally.