Elections, Fair or Unfair call of Democracy?!

Elections are one of the biggest festivals in a democratic country but are these fair calls of the government. Are we getting what we deserve or we are being scammed????!!!!!

Elections are the backbone of many countries’ government election process. People have faith in democracy and the election process; they put a lot of effort to make these elections successful and select the right candidate every time. Right candidate! Surprisingly the most difficult part, how to judge the right candidate?!

The most important factor of the election process is marketing; candidates spend tons of money to market themselves among voters. One can see big banners and hoardings promoting the candidates as a brand for sale. It is not a bad thing to promote oneself, but to win the elections, many candidates use fake advertisements and promises to voters. This pattern misguides the voters and they could not judge the right candidate sometimes. The problem is people do not even know if they have selected the right candidate or not. Years pass and next election dates are on board; here we go again the same cycle!

Fortunately, there is a way to finish this cycle; and the base of that is understanding the election method. People are aware of their rights and duties in many developed countries but developing countries are still struggling to make that awareness. There are many reasons behind this lack of awareness; the main reason is education. Education is the base of nearly all the possible activities in the world; and in developing or undeveloped countries, education level is still so less. When we talk about education, it is not only the literacy rate; it is about morality, sense of responsibilities and awareness of the rights and duties. In many developing countries, children are going to school but the social education is missing in them when they grow up. They treat Whatsapp, Facebook, Tik-Tok as their social platform and most of their nation fights and awareness camps are on these social platforms. This habit needs to be changed and next generation should get the right education to fill these gaps to make people aware for their rights and duties which will help in getting the right people to come ahead for the elections and election process will be smoother and easier.

To sum up, elections are very important part of the country’s growth and selection of the right candidate is not easy as most of the times, skilled people do not want to come forward to fight the elections because of the lack of right education and sense of duties. With the help of change in education pattern and awareness camps, these issues can be resolved and world can find the right people to lead.