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GORI Foundations Change the Education System GORI (Genesis of Real Intellect)

What should I start with is a matter of intellectual capability; Actually GORI means intellectual capability; giving it name of Genesis of Real Intellect is a start to the journey of internal intelligence. One idea of GORI defines it with the concept of ‘Adhyatma’ as well. GORI treats everyone equal and follows the concept that anyone can get the conceptual intelligence where as spirituality is a term which need to be discover in oneself. The educations of GORI helps one to find it easily.

No poverty
Best education
Clean water
Good health

Developing best education system is our main goal !!

Root of GORI’s journey starts with the life experiences of founder of the organisation; Charanpal Singh. During his experiences, he found the education system can be refined to make life easier and after a bit of struggle; GORI Foundations was started.

Meet Our Team

Charanpal Singh

Director, Founder & CEO

Charanpal Singh


Sachin Thapa


Invinder Kaur

Head, Volunteer Relations

Khushboo Verma

legal Advisor

Archana Ghildiyal

Social Activist


We've funded charity projects for people around us

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